Its almost time to party! Please read this email carfeully since it contains very important information about the race, how we will communicate further information.


Communications During the Event
From now on we will provide all essential updates, including race emergency alerts, via the  –>  Sportity App  <–
Please install the app on your phone, now!   (We already emailed you the password to access Enduro2 Notice Board – check your junk folder or ask your team-mate!)  

–> Click Here To Open Map as PDF <–

with Location Hyperlinks to Google Maps for Navigation

Registration will be held at JACK’S BAR, MERIBEL

from 12h00 to 19h30 on Friday 

Travel to Meribel

If you need an airport transfer please contact Cool Runnings to book a shared transfer with other riders at Enduro2.

Arrival by Car 

From Albertville on the N90, At MOUTIERS follow the signs to MERIBEL COURCHEVEL LES ALLUES and climb the valley towards BOZEL (D915).

At BRIDES LES BAINS take the slip road on your right, towards MERIBEL LES ALLUES (D90) for 20 minutes / 15km.  You will drive through Meribel LES ALLUES – keep going towards MERIBEL CENTRE.

Turn right at the roundabout and enter MERIBEL.

Keep to your RIGHT as you drive through Meribel Centre (you will begin to go downhill again slightly). You will drive past the large Olympic Swimming Pool and sports centre on your right, and you will see the large open grass area and main Meribel ski lifts in front of you…


Enduro2 Registration & Underground Parking “RHODOS” (Click Here for Google Maps Link)

…If you continue another 250m you will arrive directly at Jack’s Bar and Enduro2 Race HQ, just before the Tunnel & Parking Rhodos. There is STRICTLY NO PARKING OR STOPPING outside Jack’s Bar or next to the Enduro2 Registration tent.  But, you can park securely in the RHODOS underground parking directly next to Enduro2 HQ, all weekend.  (See map above for hyperlink).

Please walk up to see Gabi & the Team at Jack’s Bar and to register for Enduro2. (Don’t forget to bring a photocopy of your medical certificate or UCI Race License!)

You can also check-in to the Enduro2 Hotel (Hotel Les Granges) which is directly next door to Jack’s Bar.

If you know you will be late and miss registration, you can ask another team or riders to collect your chip for you.   Please tell us first – and email Gabi@Enduro2.fr (in any language!), or call Gabi (in English or Czech) on +33 7 88 54 54 93 to make other arrangements. You can also call Quentin (in French) on 06 24 67 89 70.


Medical Form & Disclaimer

All participants must bring a photocopy to us for verification at registration. This is a legal requirement so please, don’t forget!


How To Register on Friday

1) Find Your Team Race Number (In Sportity App)

2) Collect your team’s Race Plates at Registration

3) Present Your Race Plates to Gabi to Register your Timing Chip & Lift-Passes

4) Remember to collect your timing Chip again each morning from Gabi at the timing tent

6) You must return your timing chip to us at the end of every day of racing.  (If you are injured or don’t complete the day, call or text Gabi)

If we don’t have your timing chip and you don’t call or text Gabi, we will call mountain rescue to find you in case you are in trouble (so please, don’t let them “rescue” you from your hotel….because this will be quite expensive for you…when they ask you to pay the emergency rescue bill!).