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YES!  We use with for all registrations.  All entry fees are held securely by until after the event is completed, and will be returned to you in full (minus a very small transaction fee) by Engage-Sport in the unlikely event of financial failure or event cancelation on the part of the organisers.   Furthermore, since all entries are paid by Credit/Debit card, In addition to the above security via Engage-Sport, you are protected by your card issuer, who would be obliged refund you directly in full for any losses incurred, in the worst case scenario.

Whilst Enduro2 is definitely an adult-biased event,  we absolutely recognise that it’s also the perfect format for father-and-son teams.  And lets face it, we there are plenty of teenage shredders out there who know how to put their own father to shame on the trail!  Enduro2 therefore welcomes entries from responsible riders aged 15 and above (on the 1st day of the race), but only if they are riding as part of a 2-person team with their parent or legal guardian.

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Enduro2 is mainly a pairs-only or team-of-3 event.  We offer solo-entry category for those who want to join the fun for Day 3 of the race. Check out our Registration page.

If you are looking for a race buddy, we’d suggest try posting on our event-specific Facebook page or on your local MTB forum.   We do not offer a rider-matching service since its far too big a deal to pick the right person for you and we certainly don’t want to be getting involved in any inter-team domestic arguments! 🙂

(See next-section for special COVID-19 Policy for 2021)

Rider & individual team member substitutions are possible, free of charge, up to 2 weeks before the race. 

NO Rider changes, team name changes, race deferrals or refunds will be accepted FOR ANY REASON, within 14 days of the race.

Cancellation due to injury is possible up to 6 weeks before the event, free of charge.

Cancellation due to injury within 6 weeks of the race will incur a fee of 50 Euros per rider. (A doctor’s injury certificate must be provided).  

Note that a rider substitution is possible, free of charge, up to 14 days before the race.

Cancellation for any other reason is possible up to 6 weeks before the event, but a 50 Euro administration fee will apply per rider. 

After this time, no refund is possible (except cancellation due to injury, as above).

If the organisers are forced to cancel the event due to factors outside of their control, a partial refund may be offered (or a reduced price entry to next year’s event) dependent on the circumstances under which the event was cancelled, but this is not guaranteed since unavoidable costs are incurred by the organisers in the run up to the event.  

Examples that may prevent the race from going ahead as planned are: extreme weather (lift closures), safety concerns or severe rider injury causing the course to be closed, timing system failure, failure of one one of the event’s safety-critical suppliers to deliver.

We therefore strongly suggest that you take out a cancellation insurance policy that would cover your personal financial losses in this eventuality.

If your team member drops out but you still wish to race, this is OK and you are fine to race on your own or team up with another rider in the same position as you, on the day.


Enduro2 Rider Accommodation Cancellation Policy

(This applies only to your accommodation costs only if you booked an apartment with us, not to your race entry fee)

>30 days –  40% cancellation fee 

15-30 days – 50% cancellation fee

8-15 days – 75% cancellation fee

<7 days – 100% cancellation fee

It is a legal requirement in France that to participate in any competitive sport (eg, any event or race of any kind) you must have a basic medial check by any doctor – to verify that you have no serious medical conditions that would prevent you from (contra-indicate) safe participation.

Alternatively, if you have a valid UCI race licence then you don’t need a medical certificate, but you still need to provide evidence of a valid licence before you race.

All riders must follow these instructions and upload the correct documentation 3 DAYS BEFORE race registration day in Les Arcs.

We have a huge team of local volunteers and professional mountain staff, but we’re always happy for more offers of help from people who want to join our friendly team.  We have both on-bike / on-mountain and off-mountain roles.    We’ll provide food, lift pass, and transport for all volunteers, but you need to make your own arrangements for travel to/from Les Arcs.

If you are travelling from further away. and wish to join our team for the weekend, we can provide you with accommodation with the rest of our team, at our expense.  Email for more details.


Special Instructions (2021 Only)

There is a technical problem with the registration site.

Please create a NEW registration using THIS LINK (no payment required) to upload your medical certificate and signed disclaimer.


Regular Instructions:


Check out  These PDF Instructions  to access your existing registration online.

If you have lost your registration details, you can find them by going to our race registration page, click the link to engage-sport, then click the “Find My Registration” button in the top right of the event registration page.

Follow  These PDF Instructions  to access your existing registration online and edit your rider details.

If you have lost your registration details, you can find them by going to our race registration page, click the link to engage-sport, then click the “Find My Registration” button in the top right of the event registration page.
To Request a cancellation & refund for Les Arcs Enduro2 2021 
– Log-in to your personal account on or find your registration confirmation email sent from ( and click the green button “Detail de mon Inscription
– Access the “My Registration” page
– On the right-side of the registration screen, click the button marked “X Cancel my Registration” / “ X Annuler mon inscription”
To Request a Transfer to 2022 Enduro2 (before 9th May: 
(Only possible for teams of 2, entered into the full 3-day race)
– Log-in to your personal account on or find your registration confirmation email sent from ( and click the green button “Detail de mon Inscription
– Access the “My Registration” page
– On the right hand side Click the button “Demand Modification” / “Modification Request”
– “Select Race Category (Catégorie) = “TRANSFER TO 2022” / “Décalez a 2022”
– Click the Green Button “Modification Request” / “Demander un Modification
We will contact you again later this year, after the 2021 edition, to confirm dates and options for your 2021/2022 Race entry.
To Request a Transfer to a trailAddiction Holiday, a different Enduro2 Race in the Global Series, or the Trans-Savoie 50:50 6-Day Epic Adventure

Follow the instructions for “How to update your email and phone number” as above


You will receive a 100% refund** (or option to transfer to 2022 if you prefer) if– Enduro2 is cancelled due to an unexpected change, for any reason – for example, a new and unexpected wave of the pandemic.
– You are unable to make plans to travel Bourg St Maurice, because of travel restrictions or quarantine measures still in force at that time* (Still in force in the period until 9th June, and it is unclear if these travel restrictions between your home country and France will be lifted before 2nd July 2021)
*This includes:
– a governmental travel ban from your country of origin, into France.
– Mandatory quarantine/isolation upon your on entry into France, or on your return home.
– Riders who are unable to travel because they recently caught COVID or are an active “contact-case” and must self-isolate to protect others
*This does not include:
– Restrictions imposed for riders and travellers because they have not been vaccinated or arranged a covid-travel-passport where necessary.
– The requirement to take a COVID-19 test before or after travel.
The same policy as above:
You will receive only 50% refund if you chose not to travel because of a quarantine or self-isolation requirement on return to your home country.
We hope this would only apply to UK residents, AND IF France does not go onto the GREEN travel list as is widely expected by press and travel commentators.
Outside of this special COVID-related policy, our standard cancellation, transfer and refund policies still apply (see above).

COVID TRAVEL PASS (Pass Sanitaire / Vaccine Passport)

This is an electronic document (via an app on your phone) that confirms you are either vaccinated, have been infected and recovered from COVID-19, or taken a recent (negative) PCR or Antigen test.

This will allow for quarantine-free travel across borders this summer.

An EU-wide agreement had been made to implement this pass before July at the latest, and France is one of the leading nations in rolling out this technology – from 9 June onwards.

Click Here to Read news about the COVID Travel pass

**Some minor Bank Transaction Fees of around 1-2% may not always be possible to refund in full.

Yes, According to the Government’s COVID recovery plan which has remained on track and unchanged for several weeks:  From 9 June 2021 onwards, events of 5000 people or less will be authorised in France.

  • We will not be organising an indoor post-event party this year to avoid COVID-19 transmission.  
  • Limited Outdoor arrangements will be made subject to the recommendation of the local government at the time of the race.
  • Where possible eating (lunch) arrangements will be made in covered, outdoor terraces.
  • Riders will be set off in waves to avoid crowding and large groups, and we will arrange the event to discourage large groups from meeting together in the funicular in Bourg St Maurice area as in previous years.
  • There will be no Physical Race briefing (this will be done online, via a video link before the race).
  • Masks to be worn at all times in ski lifts and in ski-lift queues.  
  • Enclosed Ski-Lift sharing will be possible only with your team-mate.

Here are the local test centres offering PCR or rapid-antigen testing:

 Pharmacie Champier

106 Grande Rue73700 BOURG-SAINT-MAURICE

Phie Centrale De Bourg St Maurice

3 Av de la Gare73700 BOURG-SAINT-MAURICE
04 79 07 04 18 


139 R DU NANTET73700

Pharmacie Berthoud

12 R de la Liberation 73700 SEEZ

Tel: 04 79 41 00 34


Enduro2 really is a TEAM event, and the rules are designed to emphasise and encourage real teamwork.
Each team gets only one timing chip between them. The second rider to start each stage, wears the chip. The chip requires a manual “check” at the end of the stage, and this is done by the finish Marshall, not the rider…who will only do this when both riders are together at the end of the stage. In other words, you will get a better time if you stick together from start to finish and the lead rider actually “tows” the slower rider into the best lines. If the lead rider messes up, takes a line or misses a corner, this is the opportunity for your race parter to dive through the gap and take over the lead, saving your team yet more valuable time. There is certainly no time advantage at all, if the faster rider just blasts on ahead. Stopping mid-stage for spontaneous high-fives on the course is permitted, but not recommended.


There are many cool and inventive strategies that teams could use to maximise this teamwork aspect, but its up to you to chose what works best for you.

Sure thing! Just check the appropriate box on entry, and you can opt yourself out of the overall results and rankings. You will be given an individual printout of your stage times to compare with your mates, or just to keep to yourself if that’s how you want to play it.


After all, The Enduro2 philosiphy is: The only TIME that counts, is having a GOOD-TIME!

No. Based on your self-seeding answers upon entry, you will be allocated a start-wave time (the time when you leave HQ every morning, and take your first lift). You will ride the course in a pre-determined order, eg Stage 1 first, Stage 2 second etc, but you are free to start each stage whenever you are ready. Your only limit is to make it around the course, before the final cut-off times (which are generous). 

“Gentleman’s Rules” apply – if a faster team wants to dive in before you, its probably best to let them go first. Maximum time between teams will be 20 to 30 seconds, but there is no minimum gap…4 and 6-rider party-trains are very much encouraged at Enduro2!

All riders must wear a FULL FACE helmet at all times whilst on a timed special stages.  Helmets with a removable chin-guard are also accepted (Bell Super 2R, Giro Switchblade etc). During Liaison stages it is acceptable to wear a Half-Lid helmet (for example if you wish to carry a second helmet in your pack for use on the Liaison stages).

In addition to the helmet, all riders must wear:

  • CE approved back protector, or a cycle bag with integrated back protection
  • Full Finger Gloves
  • Knee protection

Riders must also carry at all times during the event

  • A Charged,  Mobile Phone with data roaming enabled if necessary (emergency use only), and list of emergency contact numbers provided by the organisers
  • A waterproof / windproof jacket
  • Water and trail snacks

No.  Each day you start and finish at the same point, so we do not move camp / HQ each day.  However we will set off in a different direction every morning and therefore each day will cover a totally different riding area before looping back to return to base at the end of the day

First riders depart between 07:30 and 10:30 each day.  Lunch is provided on each of the two full days of riding (not on the 3rd day), at a mountain restaurant.  The route will pass near to several local cafes and a supermarket, for riders wishing to purchase extra food en-route. We expect participants will complete the course and make it back to base camp between 15:30 and 17:45 each day (13:30 on the 3rd day which is a half-day).

Riders are released in waves every 30 minutes.  You will have a pre-allocated start time for each stage and you will start your next stage as directed by the starting marshall.   There are no time penalties if you miss  your allocated start time for a given stage – and we will fit you in at the next available slot.  However, you be sure must complete the entire course before the strict cut-off time at the end of the day! Liaison sections are not timed.

Fitness in the endurance / strength conditioning sense, as well as mental focus and determination is more relevant than outright pace and / or climbing ability. That said, entrants will face fairly big days in the saddle (30-40Km, 6-8 hrs a day) on physical trails, in potentially hot conditions and at altitudes up to 2700m.    Uplifts will be lift-assisted but some climbing (2 hours per day max) will also be required.

First of all, don’t only ride trail centres and man-made trails.  If you are considering entering this event then you should already be at this level of competence, as a minimum. We’d therefore advise taking in as much natural terrain as you can, and ride in places you have not been to before. Practise riding challenging sections on sight, and as you would do against the clock. If you are not an experienced racer, practise at your “comfortable 70% pace”. (Where 100% would be the pace you would ride in a normal, pre-sighted Enduro race event). This is the pace that will certainly give you the best overall result at the Enduro2. Get out for some big epic rides and take note of your personal needs for nutrition and hydration. For (the minority) of you who are serious about competing to place highly, teamwork and communication skills will be important. Practise racing and riding together in a tight formation.


Also, go check out our free Enduro2 Fitness Training Guide by partner coach Mtb.Fitness, in the main menu.

The Enduro2 course has been selected to provide a variety of technicality.  Warm-up trails will be of moderate to advanced technical level.   However each day will include at least one technically very challenging trail (at least Double-Black-Diamond level) – and remember that it is all ridden blind and unpractised.  Many of the trails are in a high alpine environment, outside of the controlled bike-park boundaries.   Some trails involve a high level of exposure with no barriers of safety netting in the event of a fall, therefore a good level of general mountain awareness is required to participate safely. There will not be any jumps or drops without an easy alternative option.


No dedicated feed stations are provided by the race organisers. However the route liaisons pass through mountain towns and villages on a frequent basis, which allows racers to stop and purchase their own snacks, food and drinks as required.

A lunchtime meal on Race Days 1 & 2 at a local restaurant is included in your entry fee.

Water-stops en route are readily available in the form of public-use fountains and trail-side natural springs.

Les Arcs has an ample supply of coffee shops, supermarkets, restaurants and take-away stores.   Additionally, cafes and snack-bars are available on the mountain during race-day.

During the race, we will use various ski-lifts and occasionally coach-based shuttles to transport you and your bike, and these are used at the owner’s risk. You are responsible for your own bike’s security during the event and the organisers cannot take responsibility for loss or theft.  No secure overnight bike storage is provided by the organisers.

We’d recommend taking a small personal bike lock in your bag, for extra security in case you leave your bike to enter a bar, shop or restaurant during the event.

Our event partners LABOSHOP – will be providing a dedicated onsite mechanic support service in Bourg St Maurice, throughout the event.  Labour is free of charge, you pay only for any new parts you need!

There are a selection of other local bike shops in town that offer spares and service capability.  However, we advise all riders to bring your own spares where possible, especially for bike-specific components such as brake pads, spare spokes, mech hangars etc.

We have several dedicated first-responders on our team who will provide first-aid and further treatment / advice should you need it. If emergency hospital treatment is required, we will liase with emergency services as required. For non-urgent cases or treatments outside of racing hours, you may need to make your own arrangements should you wish to travel to a hospital (e.g. taxi) – although Bourg St Maurice hospital is only 10 minutes bike bike, from race HQ.  If you miss your airport transfer or onward travel due to injury, you will need to make your own arrangements for onward travel and assistance.  (Travel insurance highly recommended!)

Self-sufficient supporters are welcome.  Non-entrants will not be allowed into the Race HQ area during briefings. The Les Arcs tourist office can provide more information on accommodation and travel options should you need it.

Insurance is not compulsory, but we strongly recommend it.   A comprehensive medical and rescue emergency cover is highly recommended for all competitors as well as travel insurance that covers you for cancellation or curtailment of the event due to unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather, natural disaster etc.   In particular, the organisers have no provision for accommodation and/or ownard support for any competitor needing to remain in hospital overnight after the event.

Due to the complexities of individual insurance arrangements, unfortunately we are not able to advise or recommend any particular insurance provider.


We have lined up a great new package available to all riders for 2021 (subject to availability, first come-first served).  

See “Accommodation” in our Menu!

If you would prefer to camp or have a camper-van, we recommend Camping Le Reclus which is a short riding distance from Race HQ and offers lower pricing for riders on a tighter budget, as well as cabin options. They offer a (fluent) English speaking reservation service and pitches for camper vans as well as tents.

Other Hotel and chalet options can be found via the Bourg St Maurice / Les Arcs tourist office website, or by phoning +33 (0)4 79 07 12 57 .

In our experience, Geneva is the only realistic option.  However Lyon, Gronble and Turin are all within 2-3 hours drive and would work just fine, if you rent a hire car.

Private minibus transfers are available from  Coolbus  and WhiteRides from Geneva Airport.  If you want to group together to pool a transfer with other riders, why not post a shout out onto our event facebook page?

Alternatively, you can pick up a hire car from Geneva Airport for a very reasonable price (this is generally the cheapest option, cheaper than using an airport transfer service).  Its about 2.5 to 3 hours drive to Bourg St Maurice.  Try for the best deals.

Free Parking is available for the duration of the event, very close to Race HQ in Bourg St Maurice (at the Funicular Railway station, 500m behind the main station).

Link to Google Maps

You have booked to stay at the Enduro2 Lodge  which is a really cool Auberge situation deep in the forest (and directly at the bottom of one of our favourite Enduro2 stages!).  There is free parking on-site.

Rooms are dormitory-style and bedding is provided.  (If you are a light sleeper, our tip is to bring some ear plugs, just in case!).

There is a large locked bike store on-site, but please also bring your own bike lock for extra security since it is not guarded, during the times when it is open.  The bike store will be locked between 21h30 and 7h00 each day and its not possible to access your bike inside this time (for any reason!).

There is a small bar on site and breakfast and dinner is included on the days we described on the website (link below) EXCEPT that we have now arranged for food to be served on Saturday at La Folie Douce party in Arc 1800 immediately after the race, instead of at the Auberge.

Check-in From 3pm (but please come to race registration first, if possible).
You can find driving directions here:

You can contact Olivier at the reception (in English or French) on  or tél. : Tél : 33 (0)4 79 41 01 93 for more info
(but please note that at this stage, changes are no longer possible and Olivier can’t help you with modifications to your reservation).

You have booked to stay at the Enduro2 hotel in Bourg St Maurice.

The hotel has a large underground parking on-site, and is located in the town centre, very close to Race HQ.
There is a secure underground bike store on-site, but please also bring your own bike lock for extra security.

There is a cool bar and restaurant on-site and you can book breakfast directly at reception when you arrive, if you want.

Check-in From 3pm (but please come to race registration first, if possible).

You can find driving directions here:

You can contact Emilie at  the reception on or tél. : +33479103330 for more info.

(but please note that at this stage, changes are no longer possible and the reception can’t help you with changes to your reservation).


The event is centered around the LABOSHOP in Bourg St Maurice.  

The race will start and finish here on Friday and Saturday, at the race HQ which is also based here at LABOSHOP.

On Sunday only, the race starts and finishes directly at the funicular railway.

Drinks, Food, Mechanic and Medical support are available all weekend onsite, and onsite café Charly’s Factory will be working around the clock to service your needs.  

There is ample free parking / hard-standing for camper vans at the Race HQ area.  Drinking water is also available here and it is typical to see the general public and tourists using this area as a convenient place to “park-up” or “wild camp” in campers although please note that this idea is not officially endorsed or managed by the event organisers…this is simply a free-to-use public car park!


Registration Opens at 14h00 on Thursday 1st July 2021 at the HQ (LABOSHOP in Bourg St Maurice – next to McDonalds, at the central Roundabout!)  

Last registrations on Thursday are at 20h00.

If you experience travel difficulties and think you may miss registration: 

Please call (for emergencies only)

Gabi (English/Czech): +33 7 88 54 54 93

Geoff: (French): +33 6 71 14 10 78

We will try to pre-register you over the phone and in that case you will need to collect your race number and timing chip from HQ on Saturday morning at 7.45 am.

This Year, we are unlikely to be able to hold a podium, post-race party, and BBQ at the funicular carpark like most years, due to restrictions surrounding COVID-19.

At this stage we plan to do a “virtual podium” only.