Those who know trailaddiction & our events, know that we’ve got an unhealthy obsession with maps.   Ali spends literally thousands of hours each year, pouring over topographical maps, piecing together trails and routes that eventually become my next big adventure.   It’s no overstatement to say that with out good maps, trailAddiction and Enduro2 would never have existed in the first place.

With this as a backdrop, we are especially excited to introduce you all to FATMAP.     

FATMAP is no social-media-based online gimmick.  This is an extremely powerful offline mapping and adventure-planning tool for outdoor professionals and genuine map-geeks.  It just so happens to also have an excellent, user friendly interface that allows you to map your next mountain adventure in precise detail, directly from your mobile phone or your desktop, and to visualise and share it in an extremely accessible format.

But don’t take our word for it, try it out for yourself with a free premium account.   All Enduro2 course maps are now pre-loaded to FATMAP. View the full course in 2D or 3D, get altitude profiles and detailed distance and altitude data, navigate the course from your mobile, and try out a 3D fly-through to get yourself excited about what we have in store for you in Meribel this summer.  

You can also view full resolution French & Spanish IGN Maps, UK Ordnance Survey Maps, SwissTopo, German OS, etc etc….

By the way, if you are looking for a superb, reliable handlebar mount for your phone to have all this at your fingertips whenever you out for a ride, then look no further than Quad Lock.

How to Get Full Access the Enduro2 Detailed Course Maps (and to download them offline to your phone):

1) Click the green button to get your Enduro2 Premium access code for FATMAP.

2) Check your emails, open your FATMAP welcome email and click the link to activate your FATMAP voucher

3) Log-in to FATMAP & activate your voucher

5) Download the FATMAP App to your mobile phone (if you didn’t do this already)

6) Come back to this page and access the course maps, below

Once you are set up with your special Enduro2 Premium User account on FATMAP, you can get full access the Enduro2 course maps via the links below:

(You can download and save the maps and GPX data offline to your phone, once you have activated your FATMAP account).

Please note that these maps are subject to change due to safety and organisational reasons at any time during the event.   If in doubt, always follow the course marking in place on the day of the race!

Last Map Update: 16 June 2022


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