Race Briefing 

Its almost time to party! Please read this email carfeully since it contains very important information about the race, how we will communicate further information.

General Rules & Etiquette

Please treat all trails with respect!  Its easy to forget that the whole mountain is NOT a bike-park.  

Respect the rules of the road on liaisons. Always keep to the right, when you are climbing.  Beware of cars coming down the mountain (it looks like a small mountain road, but it can be busy and cars arrive fast!).   

Remember to give way to other mountain users, if you see any (during a liaison)….its best to stop your bike completely and give them a big smile!  This might also include cows and farmers as well as walkers, dogs, and other locals who live in these small villages.  This is their home, and these trails exist in the first place thanks only to the traditional way of life of their ancestors.  

It is our privilege to have the right to ride here….let’s not lose it for the future by our bad attitude!

Communications During the Event
From 30th June to 5th July we will provide all essential updates via our  –>  2022 Event Facebook Page.   <–
Please sign up to this page right now! (if you don’t have a facebook account, please get one, its free to sign up!)  
There is no physical race breifing at the event – (this is it! So please read it very carefully!).
Updates and late  changes to the Course Maps and a Daily Course Schedules will be released via the facebook event page.
Carry your mobile phone with you at all times during the race weekend 
(You will need to use your 4G, in an emergency, so have data roaming ON).   
Daily Race results will be posted via this event FB page, as well as photos, course maps, start-order and start-time instructions for your following day’s racing.

Essential Documents 

Check the link in our menu for course maps, start order, and other essential info.


Travel & Arrival

Travel to Meribel

If you need an airport transfer please contact Cool Runnings to book a shared transfer with other riders at Enduro2.

Arrival by Car 

From Albertville on the N90, At MOUTIERS follow the signs to MERIBEL COURCHEVEL LES ALLUES and climb the valley towards BOZEL (D915).

At BRIDES LES BAINS take the slip road on your right, towards MERIBEL LES ALLUES (D90) for 20 minutes / 15km.  You will drive through Meribel LES ALLUES – keep going towards MERIBEL CENTRE.

Turn right at the roundabout and enter MERIBEL.

Keep to your RIGHT as you drive through Meribel Centre (you will begin to go downhill again slightly)…..

Parking Area for Camping-Cars and Campervans. (Click Here for Google Maps Link)

At the next roundabout (in the centre of Meribel) go straight over (slightly left) and then there us a parking area on the left hand side about 200m after the roundabout.

Enduro2 Registration & Underground Parking “RHODOS” (Click Here for Google Maps Link)

…..continue straight for another 300m to find the smaller car park on your left, next to the river.

If you continue another 250m you will arrive directly at Jack’s Bar and Enduro2 Race HQ, just before the Tunnel & Parking Rhodos. There is STRICTLY NO PARKING OR STOPPING outside Jack’s Bar or next to the Enduro2 Registration tent.  But, you can park securely in the RHODOS underground parking directly next to Enduro2 HQ, all weekend.

Please walk up to see Gabi inside Jack’s Bar and to register for Enduro2. (Don’t forget to bring a photocopy of your medical certificate or UCI Race License!)

You can also check-in to the Enduro2 Hotel (Hotel Les Granges) which is directly next door to Jack’s Bar.

Registration will be held at JACK’S BAR, MERIBEL

from 14h00 to 20h00 on Friday 1st July 2022.

(1-Day-only event Registration is on Monday, 10h00 to 10h30, at the Race HQ Tent)

If you know you will be late and miss registration, you can ask another team or riders to collect your chip for you.   Please tell us first – and email Gabi@Mountain-Sports-International.com (in any language!), or call Gabi (in English or Czech) on +33 7 88 54 54 93 to make other arrangements.You can call Pierrot (in French) on 06 62 19 06 97.

Medical Form & Disclaimer

There is a technical problem with the engage-sport site which means we are unable to access your medical forms (or UCI license) online. All participants must bring a photocopy to us for verification at registration.This is a legal requirement so please, don’t forget!

How To Register

1) Find Your Team Race Number (See ‘Essential Documents’ in the Menu)

2) Collect your team’s Race Plates at Registration

3) Present Your Race Plates to Gabi to Register your Timing Chip & Lift-Passes

4) Take a super-cool Enduro2 Sticker and stick it onto your bike for identification and access to the mountain.

5) Remember to collect your timing Chip again each morning from Gabi at the timing tent (especially on Day 1!)

6) You must return your timing chip to us at the end of every day of racing.  (If you are injured or don’t complete the day, call or text Gabi)

If we don’t have your timing chip and you don’t call or text Gabi, we will call mountain rescue to find you in case you are in trouble (so please, don’t let them “rescue” you from the bar or relaxing in your hotel….because this will be quite expensive for you, when you must pay the rescue bill!).

Weather Forecast
Current Weather forecast (may change!) is typical mountain weather – sunny, but with storms or showers late in the afternoon. If it is 15 DegreesC in Meribel it can be 5 Degrees C at the top of Stage 1.  You will sit on an open chairlift for 15 minutes to get to stage 1…it can get very, VERY cold up there.  BE PREPARED.
There is still some snow lying at altitude, and you will go above 2850m during the race. It means the higher stages will have melting snow on the ground in places. In these conditions, you can’t be more comfortable than in something like the trailscount half-and-half waterproof shorts from Dirtlej.  Well with the investment for a warm, dry bum all weekend!


Course Format
Enduro2 2022 follows this format over 3 days:
– Saturday Day 1 – 6 Timed Race Stages  (RED).
– Sunday Day 2 – 5 Timed Race Stages
– Monday Day 3 – 3 Timed Race Stages (3 BIG Stages)
– Un-timed Liaison Sections between stages (BLUE)
If you do not complete the whole course on each day, you can still get a result for each individual stage, and you can race again the following day.

Stages are marked with Yellow Arrows, and a minimal amount of race tape

Course Marking & Navigation
Protecting our natural enviroment is very important to us.  After all, without it, ths event would not be possible at all!  
 This year we are using recycled arrows (from last year’s event). 
Please respect our trails, and give lots of care and space to other users of the mountain. 
Whatever you do, PLEASE DO NOT CUT CORNERS.  Not only is it cheating, but this simply destroys the trail! 
We will have hidden cameras at certain locations on the course, to catch you if you are cutting corners.
We take this VERY SERIOUSLY and you will be REMOVED FROM THE RACE if we catch you doing this!
Please be warned that at Les Arcs Enduro2 2021 the course leaders were removed from the race because they were caught cutting corners on Day 2 (& they were not allowed to race on Day 3).
Timing Sytem – SportIdent
You have 1 chip per team. It doesn’t matter who wears the chip.
Wear it on your RIGHT wrist, facing upwards.  
Or if you prefer, wear it on your bag strap at chest-level, on the RIGHT side.

Collect your chip every morning from Gabi at the timing tent outside of Jack’s Bar in Meribel.

Download & Return your chip after the last stage each day.
If you retire from the race, return your chip immediately (or ask your race partner to return it).
If you lose or break your chip, there is a 30 Euro replacement charge.
– It is a Manual Timing system – you must “beep” in and out of each stage to get your time
– If you are unsure, beep a 2nd time  (this will not affect your fastest time).
– Come to a complete stop, and keep your hands on your bars – our timing marshalls will do all the work for you.
– Its faster and easier if you stop, keep still and don’t move your arm! (Just hold your handlebars so the Marshall can clearly see your timing chip).
 – Start each stage with your race partner(s), at the same time.
–  You cannot finish any stage without your team-mate(s) – all riders in your team must cross the finish line BEFORE our timing Marshall will register your timing chip.  (Enduro2 is all about TEAMWORK).
– Teams depart every 20 seconds.  (Very Important – please do not try to “leave a longer gap” between each team, especially at Stage 1)
– Stage 1: Controlled starting order based on your team number (Fastest riders go first, Teams 1,2,3,4,5…. etc).
– Stages 2 – 6:  Free starting order – You can start when you want!  (Maximum 30 seconds between each team)
There is a maximum time-gap of 20 seconds between start, but no minimum time-gap.   This means you can make a “party-train” with other teams, if you want to! 🙂
Please stick to your race starting time every day and collect your timing chip in the time-window below.  Then proceed immediately to the ski lift.  The first lift each day is the TOUNGETTE chair in Meribel.  This is critically important to maintain safe distance and crowding limits on the ski lifts, and to avoid a long wait at the start of Stage 1.   
But, You may start freely on stage1 and all the other stages, as soon as you are ready, and in any order. In fact, we encourage you to allow faster teams to start the stage in front of you, especially if you feel pressured by a faster overtaking team.


Race Results
You will receive personal interim results each day via a chip download at lunchtime on Day 1 and Day 3 (but not on Day 2) – Gabi will be there waiting at the timing tent, to download your chip!
Live results are available online, updated every 15 minutes, via the Link in the Menu of this website.

For Day-3-Only (Monday) Racers – You will record your race results for Day 3 ranked with all other riders in your category.


After you collected your timing chip, please go to the TOUNGETTE lift for your first uplift every day (Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3).

Race Etiquette

    • Let Faster teams start in front of you
- Overtaking is tough, in teams of 2 (even harder with 3!). Please be courteous and let faster riders past. BUT: faster riders, you do NOT have priority to pass and will be penalised if you cause a crash or accident due to unsafe overtaking! (And don’t forget to high-five on the way past).
    • Max starting time between teams is 20 seconds, but there is no minimum starting distance between teams – in fact 4-rider and 6-rider party trains are strongly encouraged!
    • No course practise is allowed before the event – this is “blind” racing! (All Meribel lifts are closed until 2 July 2022).
    • Once you start a stage, you must finish it! (You cannot go back to the start and try a 2nd time)
    • Remember, at Enduro2 : “THE ONLY TIME THAT COUNTS IS HAVING A GOOD TIME”. We will have official podiums for each category, but we do not award prizes for the “winners”. However, if you stay for the after-party then we will play games to award random prizes, so that everyone has a chance to win.

Food & Water

Check the course timings for your estimated lunch break time. We expect it will take 3 hours (+/- 1 hour) to complete the first phase of the course, before you reach the lunch station each day.

  • Lunch is provided on Day 1 in Brides Les Bains – this is a pasta-party type feed-station in the central park area.
  • Lunch on Day 2 is in a mountain Restaurant, in Les Menuires.
  • Day 3 is a shorter day, and we will have only light snacks at Race HQ (you will pass HQ several times).

Food is available to purchase at Jack’s Bar all Day, and on Monday there is a Enduro2 BBQ at Jack’s bar from 12h30 and all afternoon.  Hand your Enduro2 timing ticket to the bar to get a Burger and Saland for 30% discount (only €10!)….and get the party started!


Water is available at fountains and public facilities throughout the mountain.


Safety Instructions

  • These are big days on the mountain, with some epic stages.
 Day 1 Stage 1 is BLUE to RED graded, but it is HUGE (over 1000m of descent, average 15-30 mins to complete). Take it easy, this is a BIG day! 
- 95% of crashes happen within the first 3 minutes of your race. Don’t ruin your weekend on the first stage!
  • Drink 3 to 5 litres of water per day. Streams and other sources of running mountain water are generally clean, but be aware of cattle nearby. You will find water fountains in almost all the villages – look for them! If it has a sign that says “EAU NON POTABLE” this means it is NOT recommended to drink (this is rare to see). If there is no sign, it means its safe (and very fresh!)

  • Carry your phone with our emergency number in it on speed dial (see below).

  • Take an extra layer and a waterproof jacket (it gets very cold at the start gate & on lifts)

  • In an emergency, STAY WITH YOUR TEAM-MATE and raise the alarm via the next riders to come past.

  • If you come across an injured rider, the best way to help them is to get to the next marshall or end of stage as fast as possible and raise the alarm (don’t stop and help, unless they are alone).

CALL or Text/Whatsapp (English/French) +33 6 62 19 06 97 (Pierrot)
You will recieve a text or Whatsapp message with a link
Click the link and “allow the page to access your location”
This will share your exact location with our rescue team and allow us to arrive on-scene as quickly as possible.

For non-emergency assistance on Race Day: You can Call or Whatsapp Gabi at Registration
on +33 7 88 54 54 93 (English, limited French).


 (send a request for help via another rider, or if the emergency is time-critical eg heavy bleeding, rider unconscious, or difficulty breathing)

CALL or Text/Whatsapp (English/French) +33 6 62 19 06 97 (Pierrot)


Be ready to tell us your Race Number, The Stage Number (or Liaison) you are on, and approximately how far from the start (time, or distance) you are located.

For non-emergency assistance on Race Day(s): You can Call or Whatsapp Gabi at Registration
on +33 7 88 54 54 93 (English, limited French).

Sports Massage Service
If you would like to enhance your performance during the event with a sports massage we have teamed up with Massage Me to offer a mobile service direct to your accommodation. Book your preferred day and time and a therapist will come to you in the comfort of your own apartment/lodge/hotel. If you use the code Enduro2 you will receive a 5% discount as an event competitor.