Race-Day Essential Update



If you did not do this already  join the Facebook Event Page now for essential & emergency updates over the weekend of the event.

Start each day at Laboshop, collect one chip per team

Your departure time is based on your team/chip number

Ride the first stage in Number Order (1,2,3,4……)

After that its free-order – you can start when you want.

Start and finish each stage as a team.

Your time is checked only when ALL riders are finished the stage.

Keep still with your hands on the handlebars, and the marshall will “beep” you!


You will meet Gabi to download your timing chip several times each day, (to see your “live” results from the stages you already completed).


Each Day has 4 or 5 timed stages (Red).  

You must complete all red stages to get an overall ranking & classification.

Day 1 and Day 2 have BONUS trails (in Purple).

These stages are OPTIONAL*.   NOT timed, NOT race, and NOT marked with arrows.  They do NOT form a part of your final race result*.

*OPTIONAL means it your choice if you want to complete this extra loop, BUT they are all really nice singletrack trails and we strongly recommend that you ride them…just for fun!


The Enduro2 race shedule is designed to allow you lots of time to complete the BONUS stage, if you want to.   Alternatively, you can enjoy a long break at lunch and proceed directly to the next Red (timed) stage.


BONUS trails are not marked with arrows, but they are quite easy to navigate for yourself.    To help you, we have provided Strava (GPS) navigation.  Install the Strava App on your phone before the race. To start navigation for the BONUS trails, click the link inside the yellow box  that can be found on your Course Map each day.

Please treat all our trails with respect…but especially on these bonus stages!!  

Its easy to forget that the mountain is a fragile natural environment and it is NOT just a bike-park! Please remember to give way to other mountain users, if you see any….its best to stop your bike completely and give them a big smile! 

This might also include cows and farmers as well as walkers, dogs, and other locals who live in these small villages.  This is their home, and these trails exist in the first place thanks only to the traditional way of life of their ancestors.  It is our privilege to have the right to ride here….let’s not lose it for the future!


Please also respect the rules of the road.  Stick to the right, when you are climbing.  Beware of cars coming down the mountain (it looks like a small mountain road, but it can be busy and cars arrive fast!).   

*To qualify for a podium place in your category (1st, 2nd, 3rd) you must complete all bonus stages (and record them on Strava, as your evidence!  We will verify this for all teams who finish on the podium in their category).


Current Conditions at the top of the mountain – this is why we had no choice but to cancel a stage each day, on Friday and Saturday: